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Your vehicle's tires are the first and only contact with the road in Henrico, so it is important to choose the right set when replacing them. Looking for new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC tires in Richmond? Our tire center has everything you need, including a dynamic selection of tire brands and an experienced staff who can help you select the right ones! 

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Whether you drive a compact crossover or a heavy-duty truck, the right tires will help you make the most of your vehicle's capabilities on the Glen Allen roads. Investing in the right Chevrolet tires or Buick tires in Richmond doesn't have to be expensive. Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Buick GMC Richmond provides ongoing service and parts specials to help you save, including convenient tire rebates and price matching coupons so you can be assured you're getting the best price in Richmond! Check out our latest tire coupons above.

Tire Maintenance

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Wheel Alignment & Balance

Proper wheel alignment is key to prolonging the life of your tires. If your vehicle is misaligned, it can cause your tires to wear unevenly, and you may experience a change in how your vehicle handles.

Your Chevrolet tires and wheels are aligned and balanced at the factory to provide the longest life and best overall performance. Adjustments to wheel alignment and tire balancing should be needed less often than tire rotations, but are still critically important on occasion. Consider a wheel alignment check if there is unusual tire wear or the vehicle is significantly pulling to one side or the other in Goochland.

If one of your tires is out of balance it can affect your ride quality and can shorten the life of the tires and other suspension components. If you notice a vibration when driving on a smooth road, the tires and wheels may need to be rebalanced. Let our Certified Service experts ensure you have a smooth ride.

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Tire Rotation

It's a known fact that regular tire rotation extends the life and improves the performance of your Chevy, GMC, or Buick tires on Richmond roads. Tires are rotated to help achieve uniform wear and compensate for the fact that each tire performs different tasks (such as steering in front- versus rear-wheel drive), therefore tires wear at different rates. Your tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 7,500 miles to prevent irregular tire wear.

It's important to rotate your Chevrolet tires according to the correct tire rotation pattern. Doing so will prolong the life of your tires and will reduce the risk of sudden tire failure. 

If your vehicle has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, it will need to be reset after each tire rotation. As a GM Certified Service provider in Richmond, Chevrolet tires, Buick tires, and GMC tires can be expertly cared for at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Buick GMC Richmond. You can count on our Certified Service experts to perform the simple TPMS resetting procedure with every tire rotation they perform.

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Tire Pressure

Your vehicle's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is designed to warn you when low-tire-pressure conditions exist. A sensor measures tire pressure and temperature, then transmits data to your tire pressure monitor. If the pressure in one or more of your tires is 25 percent or more below the vehicle manufacturer's recommended cold inflation pressure for tires, a warning indication will alert you.

Your Original Equipment TPMS sensor battery can last up to 10 years with normal use. When the TPMS battery fails, the sensor will need to be replaced.

How do you know that air pressure is low or whether the TPMS has malfunctioned?

If your Tire Pressure Monitor light comes on and stays solid with a check tire pressure, low tire pressure, or add air to tire message, then check and adjust all tire air pressures to the recommended levels. Next, drive your vehicle a few miles to turn the light off.

If your Tire Pressure Monitor light appears as a blinking yellow lamp for up to a minute and then stays solid, then diagnostic service is needed. If your TPMS is not functioning properly, it cannot detect or signal a low-tire-pressure condition. Simply schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Service technicians, and they can ensure your TPMS is operating properly so you can go with confidence in Henrico!

Tire Wear

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What Causes Tire Wear

There are many factors that can cause tire wear, such as your driving style and tire maintenance habits. Tire replacement is absolutely needed when the tread wear indicators appear. Your tire's built-in tread wear indicators look like narrow strips of smooth rubber across the tread and become visible as the tire surface wears.

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When To Replace Tires

Tread wear indicators appear when your tires only have 2/32 inch or less of tread remaining. Also, the rubber in your tires ages over time. This applies to your spare tire as well (if available), even if it is never used. Multiple factors including temperatures, loading conditions, and inflation pressure maintenance affect how fast tires age.

Other warning signs that your vehicle will need tire replacement:

  • You can see three or more tread wear indicators around the tire
  • The tire cord or fabric is showing through the rubber
  • The tire tread or sidewall is cracked, cut, or snagged deep enough to show cord or fabric
  • The tire has a bulge or split
  • The tire has a puncture, cut, or other damage that can't be repaired correctly

If you are in need of tires, come to Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Buick GMC Richmond. Our Certified Service experts will help you find the best Chevy, Buick, GMC tires in Richmond! 

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